Noir Boudoir Las Vegas


Stephen and I have been photographing weddings and portraits collectively for about 10+ years and would on occasion get a request for a boudoir shoot from a bride to be (sometimes even on wedding day). This was and is an incredibly exciting request we learned, as all these ladies were stoked to shoot but 103% nervous and had an endless list of body parts they wanted to hide and jokes about photoshopping “this roll” and that dimple (I’m no stranger to these jokes- they are my favorite to tell about my very own beloved “mom bod”)… The exciting part was that I (we) always knew these women were not seeing what was truly there and I was about to reveal an incredible and very real beautiful version of herself without covering anything up or changing the way she looks. In fact, they stripped down (in a literal sense!) and there they were, completely themselves and full of beauty.

When I heard woman after woman gasp at a quick peek of the back of my camera or squeak, “that’s me!?” while flipping through her images I was totally committed. This is more than pretty pictures. This is an experience women need (I need!) in a world where we are constantly told we are not enough as we are, how divine and totally necessary to curate an experience where we can strip down to all that is authentically ourselves and be unashamed of our femininity and curves and be sexy just because we are, not because anyone else said so.

Noir Boudoir

“She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it.” -Atticus

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