I live for that first conversation I have with clients when we go through their shoot. I talk you through what you need for shoot day and we talk hair and makeup and lingerie and all the other fun parts and then I hear, “ I’ve never done this before, and I’m not really ‘sexy’ so I don’t know how to pose… It seems like all your other clients are professional models. Am I going to look awkward? Will you help me with posing?”

I will walk you through every.single.movement. I’m going to pose you from your head all the way to your toes and fingers, and even your breathing, and how to part your lips into the perfect pout (Stephen still has to coach me to make my face do this). 

Once my clients learn the ‘hard’ part is in my hands I hear them shift to complete relief and excitement and we go right back to chatting about lingerie (because new clothes, amiright?).

It’s always been my priority that no one passed on an experience like this shoot because they didn’t think they could do it or they don’t think they can be sexy. There isn’t one type of person that is sexy and a boudoir shoot is not reserved for those that are perfectly confident in their bare skin! But seeing yourself this way can definitely push you into a confidence you didn’t know was in there.

If you’re on the fence about planning your boudoir experience drop me a note below and let me know you’ve got some questions. 

I can even tell you all about my own boudoir shoot and we can laugh about my self tanner mishap..


Las Vegas boudoir photographers

Las Vegas boudoir photographer

Noir Boudoir Las Vegas

boudoir photographers las vegas

Las Vegas Boudoir photography


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